International Journal of Applied Physics (IJAP)


Volume 3  Number 1-2  (2013)




Anisotropic Measurements of Zirconium Sulphoselenide Single Crystals

PP. 1-9

Author: Kaushik R. Patel


Study on the effect of the 4f-5d hybrid spin-states on the Fermi surface of Tb
pp. 11-22
Author: A S Hamid


Response of Ionospheric Total Electron Content on various Geomagnetic and Interplanetary Field Parameters over Indian Sub-Continent
pp. 23-41
Authors: B. M. Vyas and Baiju Dayanandan


Effect of Density on the Performance of Explosively Formed Projectile
pp. 43-50 
Authors: Dr. B. Linga Reddy, Dr. P.V.R. Ravindra Reddy and Dr. G. Chandra Mohan Reddy


Acquiring of Isentropic Exponent from Isobaric Heat Capacity for Refrigerants

pp. 51-58 

Author: Yong-Jiang Wang


Stationary Self-Focusing of Gaussian Laser Beam in Relativistic Thermal Quantum Plasma using Upward Ramp Density Profile

pp. 59-66

Authors: Sandip D. Patil and Mansing V. Takale


Collision Theory of Light Wave and Theory of Relativity

pp. 67-70

Author: Rajkishor


Magneto-Electric Polarizability Space Groups

pp. 71-78

Authors: Prof. S. Uma Devi and G. Sireesha


Measurement of Gamma Ray Attenuation Coefficients of Irregular Shaped Samples Using Improved Two Media Method
pp. 79-83
Author: Sukhpal Singh


Gamma Ray Interaction Cross Sections for Zinc Doped Lead Borate Glasses
pp. 85-90
Author: Sukhpal Singh









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