International Journal of Biotechnology and Bioengineering Research  (IJBBR)

Volume 2  Number 1  (2011)




Optimal Production, Purification and Characterization of Alkaline Protease by an Isolated Bacillus sp. and its Ability as a Detergent
pp. 1-13
Authors: M. Seenuvasan, V.N. Saranya, T. Uma, M. Anil Kumar,D. Suresh and S. Selvanaveen

Comparative Study of Capture ELISA and Rapid Test in the Diagnosis of Dengue Infection
pp. 15-20
Authors: V.L. Jayasimha, K.G. Basavarajappa, K.V. Yogesh Babu, H.P. Niranjan, K.G. Raghu Kumar and V. Vijayanath

Hepatoprotective Effect of Muntingia Calabura Fruit Extracts Against Paracetamol Induced Oxidative Stress in Wistar Albino Rats
pp. 21-27
Authors: K. Preethi, Sasikumar J. Mahalingam and Microcore

Extraction Optimization of Thermostable Amylopullulanase from Clostridium thermosulfurogenes SVM17 through Solid State Fermentation using RSM
pp. 29-44
Authors: Soma Mrudula, Gopal Reddy and G. Seenayya

Evaluation of Garlic Extracts Effect on Three MRSA
pp. 45-54
Authors: N.C.J. Packia Lekshmi, C. Gurueswari and S. Viveka

Effect of Lead Ion Concentration on Soluble and Agarose Entrapped Pumpkin Urease
pp. 55-63
Authors: Om Prakash, Rajesh Kumar Pandey, Mahe Talat and Nivedita Jaiswal

Antibacterial Effect of 50 kDa Protein Purified from Liver Tissue of Ameiurus catus (Cat fish)
pp. 65-74
Authors: M. Suresh Kumar, C.S. Senthilkumar, A.J.A. Ranjit Singh and M. Rajasekara Pandian

Axillary Bud Multiplication in Gloriosa superba L. : An Endangered Medicinal Plant of India
pp. 75-80
Authors: Manju Madhavan and Joy P. Joseph

Production of Edible Mushroom Pleurotus florida using an Alternate Substrate
pp. 81-90
Authors: S. Jayashree, J. Rathinamala and V.K. Sneha

Preliminary Phytochemical & Antibacterial Studies of Abutilon indicum Leaves (Family : Malvaceae)
pp. 91-98
Authors: Milind K. Patel and Ambersingh P. Rajput

Early Detection and Diagnosis of Marek’s Disease (MD) in Clinically Suspected Chickens by Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
pp. 99-105
Authors: Seyed Amirali Raeisosadat, Baharak Goli and D. Muraleedharan

Optimization of Culture Conditions for Cost-effective Pectinase Production by Pseudozyma sp. SPCJ under Submerged Fermentation
pp. 107-118
Authors: Sampriya Sharma, Rishi Pal Mandhan and Jitender Sharma

Development and Application of Species-specific RAPD – SCAR Marker for the Identification of Indian Major Carp, Catla catla (Family Cyprinidae)
pp. 119-126
Authors: Sameer R. Phale and Vidya V. Baile

Cost Effective Production of Algal Biomass (Chlorella vulgaris) from Dairy Effluents for Use in Biofuel Production
pp. 127-139
Authors: K.K. Pulicherla, Mrinmoy Ghosh, P. Jawahar Babu and K.R.S. Sambasiva Rao

Pineapple Juice Extraction Using Integrated Membrane Process without Any Nutrition Loss
pp. 141-145
Authors: Kanika Vyas

Effect of Growth Regulators on Luteolin Production in Medicinally Important Premna Serratifolia L.
pp. 147-155
Authors: C. Ravinder Singh and R. Nelson





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