International Journal of Biotechnology and Bioengineering Research  (IJBBR)

Volume 2  Number 3  (2011)




Characterization of Starch Hydrolyzing Thermostable Bacillus sp. by RAPD-based Fingerprinting
pp. 337-349
Authors: Elsa Marric, Souvagyalaxmi Mishra, Prof. Bharati Behera and Abhaya Kumar Dalai

Optimization of Culture Conditions for Efficient  Production of γ-Polyglutamic acid by Newly Isolated Bacillus Sp. Strain PGA-1
pp. 351-364
Authors: Ajay Kansal, Rishi Pal Mandhan and Suman Malik

Optimization, Purification and Characterization of α-Amylase from Penicillium chrysogenum in Liquid State Fermentation.
pp. 365-376
Authors: Tribhuwan Kumar, N.K. Sah, Nilay Mitash and Archna Tiwary

New Insight in Preservation of In-situ Caprine Cauda Epididymal Spermatozoa at -200 C: Plausible Implications for the Conservation of Biodiversity
pp. 377-392
Authors: Pramod Kumar, Uttam Datta, Manik Lal Hembram and Raju Dasgupta

Justicia wynadensis: A Potent Inhibitor of Pneumonial Isolates
pp. 393-397
Authors: Meghashri S., Madappa C. Nayan, Chauhan B. Jyoti and Zameer F.

Arginase Activity and IGF-1 Level in Egyptian Breast Cancer Women
pp. 399-409
Authors: Mohamed A. El-Desouky, Demiana A. Girgis, Bahia Y. Riad and Salah A. Mostafa

Isolation, Screening and Identification of Bacterial Strain with Capability of Decolorizing Synthetic Azo Dyes
pp. 411-418
Authors: Palvannan T. and Aranganathan V.


Effect of Zinc Chloride on Growth and Biochemical Charateristics of Pennisetum Americanum (L.) Leeke Grown in Vitro
:M. Sathya, V.N. Shetty and Preethi Rajesh





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