International Journal of Biotechnology & Biochemistry (IJBB)



Volume 10, Number 1  (2014)





Sub Cloning and Agrobacterium Mediated Transformation of Viral Resistant Coat Protein (CP) Gene in Capsicum
pp. 1-6
Author: Prasad M.P.


Dual Cultures of Pigeon Pea-Rhizobium: Biochemical Investigation and Evaluation of Nitrogenase

pp. 7-11

Author: S.V.AHIRE


Growth and Lactic Acid Production from Peddiococcus acidilactici strain KN3 and Its Low-Cost Medium Development
pp. 13-21
Authors: Saovanee Chancharoensin, Thanaporn Srimaha-eak and Varitsara Bunpetch.


Effect of Gamma Radiation on My celium Growth and Structures of Some Fungi
pp. 23-34
Authors: Amira Hassan Al-Abdalall

Biochemical Changes Induced in Amorphophallus in Response to Treatment with Biocontrol Agent and Pathogen
pp. 35-45
Authors: Neetha Soma John, I. P. Anjanadevi, S.P. Suja, M.L. Jeeva and R.S.Misra

Study on the Utilization of Cull Dates for Bioethanol Fuel Production in Arabic Countries
pp. 47-60
Authors: M. Fadel, S. T. El Sheltawy, A. A. Keera and A. I. Al-Dzee

Expressions of IL10, CXCR3+, CD4+ and CD8+ T cells in Lupus nephritis patients: Correlations with histological classes, activity index and chronicity index
pp. 61-70
Authors: Faten Zahran, Mohammed Mohammed Al-Haggar and Maha Mohammed Sayed

Comparative study of xylanases activities from termite Macrotermes subhyalinus workers and its symbiotic fungus Termitomyces sp. (Macrotermitinae; Termitidae)
pp. 71-90
Authors: Betty M. FAULET, Fankroma M. T. KONE٭ Jean T. GONNETY, Hubert K. KONAN, Sophie N. GNANGUI and Lucien P. KOUAME















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