International Journal of Biotechnology & Biochemistry (IJBB)



Volume 11, Number 1  (2015)








Social Trust, Conspiracy Beliefs, And Attitudes Toward Genetically Modified Crops: A Comparative Study Of Chinese And American Consumers

pp. 1-26

JinjieYang, Lulu Rodriguez


Production Optimization of a New Exopolysaccharide from Bacillus Methylotrophicus and Its Characterization

pp. 27-45

Inemai Ezhil, Prasanna D. Belur  and Saidutta M.B


Comparative Study Of Vitamin D Level In Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients And Healthy Control Subjectes

pp. 47-54

Dr. Meenakshy Gora, Ghansyam Ghelot, Dr. Hanuman Prasad Jaipal,Dr. Lata Bishnoi, Kim Chawla, Dr. R.K.Vyas


Utilization Of Pineapple Wastes For Microbial Fermentation

pp. 55-62

Saovanee Chancharoensin, Anna Yan, Thachaporn Mepetch and Valeerut Jaiboon


Production of xylanase and CMCase in polyurethane foam based solid-state fermentation of Termitomyces clypeatus
pp. 63-78
Kausik Majumder, Ruplekha Chatterjee and. Subhabrata Sengupta

Evaluation of Parameters Affecting Transient Expression of uidA Gene in Embryogenic Callus Derived From Leaf-Base Culture of An Anti-Diabetic Millet Crop, Paspalum scrobiculatum L.
pp. 79-96
Vikrant and Paramjit khurana










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