International Journal of Biotechnology & Biochemistry (IJBB)



Volume 11, Number 2  (2015)







“Study of lipid peroxidation level in the serum of RA patients compare with control subjects”
pp. 97-100
Shalini Vyas, Hemlata Sharma and. RK. Vyas

Comparative Study on Analysis of Anaerobically Treated Distillery Spent Wash
pp. 101-104
Zia H. Khan and Sonal A. Saoji

Efficiency of Liposomal Drug Delivery System Against Plasmodium In Vitro and In Vivo Culture
pp. 105-114
Pallav Kaushik Deshpande, Ragini Gothalwal and Anupam Kumar Pathak

Isolation and Identification of Zoonotic Organisms From Treated Wastes of Slaughter Houses: Remedial Measures To Prevent Zoonotic Diseases
pp. 115-120
Malothu Ramesh and Adarsh.,Vasanth P.M

Phytochemical Screening and HPTLC Analysis in Callus Culture and Various Plant Parts of Anacardium occcidentale L.
pp. 121-136
Sija. S. L, Potty.V.P and Santhoshlal. P. S

Analysis Of Vitamin B6 Level In Coronary Heart Disease Patients And Normal Healthy Subjects
pp. 137-140
Sharma Hemlata, Vyas Shalini, Vyas R.K. and. chhaparwal Amit

Evaluation of Lipid Peroxidation and Antioxidant Enzymes Status in Oral Carcinoma Individuals
pp. 141-148
Surendra Kumar Jinger, Mamta Choudhary, Gajanand Joshi, Indu Dayma and. R.K. Vyas

SSR Based Genetic Diversity In Indian Flue-Cured Virginia Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) Cultivars
pp. 149-159
K. Siva Raju, TGK Murthy and H. Ravisankar


Effect of Laser on Skin – A Review
pp. 161-166
ShaunakGhosh and Shila Ghosh


Study On Isolation And Purification Of Group Of Enzymes From White Rot Fungus
pp. 167-171
Sonal A. Saoji and Zia H. Khan

Preliminary Study On Hotel Food Waste As Potential Feedstock For Biogas Production At Kollam District, Kerala
pp. 173-182
Dhanyalekshmi. C. S, V. P. Potty and Thankamani. V


MicroRNA Changes in Diabetic Lens (A Preliminary Report)
pp. 183-188
Shambhu Varma and Krish Chandrasekaran


Turnaround time in Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory
pp. 189-195
Usha Adiga, BN Malawadi and Preethika A










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