International Journal of Biotechnology & Biochemistry (IJBB)



Volume 13, Number 1  (2017)






The Metabolic Impact of Cannabis User on Biochemical Markers Among Bikaner Adults
pp. 1-10
Ghanshyam Gahlot, Yogita Soni, Rachit Saxena, Mamta Chaudhary and Gajanand Joshi

In-vitro antioxidative, cytotoxic activity and phytochemical screening from stem bark of Kigelia pinnata
pp. 11-18
Nutan V Badgujar and Kinnari N Mistry

Vaginal Prostaglandin (Misoprostol) and 1st Trimester termination of pregnancy on eugenic ground
pp. 19-22
Usha Kumari and Pankaj Bhushan

Serum Total Proteins, Albumin and Magnesium Levels in Pre and Post Antiresorptive Therapy in Postmenopausal Osteoporosis. Can Magnesium Play a Key Role in Osteoporosis?
pp. 23-29
Vanita Ramesh Jagtap


Enzymatic Synthesis and Characterization of Modified Phospholipids using Decanoic Acid
pp. 31-38
Sumit Nandi

Extraction and Characterization of Pectin from Orange Peels
pp. 39-47
Alok Kumar Tiwari, Samarendra Nath Saha, Vishnu Prasad Yadav, Uttam Kumar Upadhyay, Deepshikha Katiyar and Tanya Mishra

Evaluation of Coagulation Profile in Type-1 Diabetes Mellitus Patients: A Hospital Based Prospective Study
pp. 49-54
Mariappan A, Deepa VS and Nagendran R

Genetic similarity studies of Commiphora wightii accessions by fluorescent-labeled RAPD primers
pp. 55-66
Ch. Mohan, B. Naresh, M. Srikanth Reddy, S. Manoj Kumar and Prathibha Devi Cherku

Anaerobic-aerobic Activated Sludge Treatment followed by Phytoremediation to Dairy Effluent
pp. 67-72
Vishakha Sukhadev Shivsharan and Minal Wani


Studies on Fortification of Mulberry Leaves with Probiotics for Improvement of Silk Quality
pp. 73-80
K. Masthan, T. Rajkumar and C.V. Narasimha Murthy

Evaluation of total antioxidant power of plasma in biomass smoke exposed COPD patients

pp. 81-86
Sanjay Singh and A. S. Yadav

Study of Lipid Profile among Healthy Smokers and Non Smokers

pp. 87-94
Amit D. Sonagra., Shylaja T.V., Asmabi Makandar. and Zahoorunissa Deba4

Partial characterization of keratinase from Steno-trophomonas maltophilia K279a and study of its dehairing potential
pp. 95-110
Malay Shah and Rajnish Vaidya




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