International Journal of Biotechnology & Biochemistry (IJBB)



Volume 13, Number 3  (2017)






Correlation of HbA1C levels with average Estimated blood Glucose levels in improvement of Diabetes Management

pp. 205-210

K Goswami, I Mazumdar, K Sridhar and M Narayanan


Antimicrobial Evaluation of Bioactive Pigment from Salinicoccus sp isolated from Nellore sea coast

pp. 211-217

V. Srilekha, G.Krishna, V.Sesha Srinivas and M.A.Singara Charya


Effects of Serum Iron Status on the Relationship between Manganese and Iron transport proteins in Iron Foundry Workers

pp. 219-224

Reenu Sharma, Maulik Nayak and Sunil Patani


Study of Adenosine Deaminase Activity and Inflammatory Status in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

pp. 225-235

Selvakumar Chelliah and Veerendra Kumar Arumalla


Screening and Identification of halotolerant protease producing fungi from mangrove sediments of Kerala

pp. 237-252

Reshma R. Anilkumar & Pradeep N. S.


Erythrocyte reduced glutathione level in type -2 diabetic patients with and without nephropathy

pp. 253-260

Rajesh D. Ankush and Dhanashri .G.Kulkarni


Assessment of Learning Style Preferences of First Year Medical Students at Mahavir Institute of Medical Sciences

pp. 261-273

Gulam Saidunnisa Begum and Ayesha Jabeen


A Noval System Architecture for Multi Object Tracking Using Multiple Overlapping and Non-Overlapping Cameras

pp. 275-283

Swati A. Sagar and Anilkumar Holambe






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