International Journal of Biotechnology & Biochemistry (IJBB)

Volume 4, Number 1 (2008)






Studies of medium constituents by statistical techniques for enhance production of xanthan gum using Xanthomonas campestris NCIM 2956.
pp. 1-11

Authors: Mukul Bajpai and V. K. Jain


Experimental evaluation of the antibacterial activity of tomato callus extract and response of cultivar establishment in vitro
pp. 13-22
Authors: Aneela Fatima, Shaista Jabeen Khan, Nasreen Zaidi and Nusrat Ejaz

Genetic diversity evaluation of some G. arboreum (diploid cotton) varieties by RAPD analysis
pp. 23-31
Authors: Mukesh Kumar, Rajiv Kumar and Lakshmi Chaudhary

Haematological and Biochemical Responses of Weaner Rabbits Fed Diets Containing Graded Levels of Poultry Litter
pp. 33-37
Authors: O.J. Owen, J.P. Alawa, S.N. Wekhe, A.O. Aniebo, E.M. Ngodigha and A.O. Amakiri

Improving the viability and stability of starter culture and the quality of fermented milk using some food additives
pp. 39-54
Authors: H.A. EL-Demerdash and M.Al.Otiabi

X-Ray crystallographic studies and structure activity relationship of fungicides
pp. 55-61
Authors: Jyotsna Chauhan, Rachna Tiwari and R.K. Tiwari

NPCRIT : A Novel Protein Coding Region Identifying Tool using Decision Tree Classifier with Trust-Region Method & Parallel Scan Algorithm
pp. 63-74
Authors: P. Kiran Sree

On the Behaviour of Solutions under the Influence of Stochastic Effect of Avian–Human Influenza Epidemic Model
pp. 75-100
Authors: Mehmet MERDAN and Tahir KHANİYEV

Quality Assessment of Gene Expression Data for an Affymetrix Platform with the Two Sample t-tests Statistical Analysis
pp. 101-108
Authors: Remziye YILMAZ, Meral YÜCEL and H.A. ÖKTEM

Single step purification of D-Amino Acid Oxidase and mPEG-Conjugated-D-Amino acid Oxidase from Trignopsis Variabilis by HPLC
pp. 109-116
Authors: N. Verma and S. Puri

Optimization of Environmental conditions and Kinetics modeling for the Production of γ-decalactone using Sporidiobolus salmonicolor
pp. 117-126
Authors: M. Gopinath, R. Dhanasekar, T. Viruthagiri and G. Baskar






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