International Journal of Biotechnology & Biochemistry (IJBB)

Volume 4, Number 3 (2008)





Evaluation of Long Term Fibroblast Cell Culture System for Cytokines and Other Parameters in Sahiwal Cattle
pp. 207-221
Authors: N. Anand Laxmi, G. Gunjan, G. Neelam and B.S. Prakash

Biocontrol Activity of Different Species of Pseudomonas Against Phytopathogenic Fungi Invivo And Invitro Conditions
pp. 223-232
Authors: M. Saraf, A. Thakker and B.V. Patel

Development of Biochemical and Molecular Markers for Polygamodioecious Character in Simarouba Glauca DC.
pp. 233-242
Authors: Savitha, G. Joshi, Late L. Sudarshana, Syamasundar Joshi, Shantha Hiremath and Geeta Ramachandra

Heterogeneity in the micropropagation of dicot (Dianthus caryophyllus L.) and monocot (Gladiolus grandiflorus Andrews.) cultured under same conditions in vitro
pp. 243-251
Authors: Sumbul Ghani, Mussarat Jabeen, Farrukh Hussain, Ejaz G. Ghauri and Aneela Fatima

Development of Enzymatic Membrane for the Detection of Cholesterol in Serum
pp. 253-262
Authors: Hemant K. Gautam and Ashok Kumar

Thioleaching of Heavy Metal Contaminated Sediments Using Matinís Medium
pp. 263-273
Authors: Elijah I. Ohimain, Ebisomu C. Agedah and Frank O. Briyai

Application of Moist Incubation pH Measurements for Indicating Wetland Acidification
pp. 275-282
Authors: Elijah I. Ohimain






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