International Journal of Biotechnology & Biochemistry (IJBB)

Volume 4, Number 4 (2008)





Isolation and Characterization of Peroxidase from the Leaves of Ricinus Communis
pp. 283-292

Authors: P. Kumar, M. Kamle, J. Singh and D. P. Rao

Molecular Identification of Phaeohyphomycosis Agents Inhabiting Natural Environments in Egypt
pp. 293-301

Authors: Sherif M. Zaki

The Ameliorative Actions of Agaricus Blazei Mushroom against Rat Liver Oxidative Damage and Fibrosis Induced by Carbon Tetrachloride
pp. 303-323
Authors: Azza M Mohamed

Influence of Sativa Seeds Against Liver Fibrosis and Consequence Complications in Murine Schistosomiasis
pp. 325-346

Authors: Mohamed AM, Mahmoud SS and Abdel Razik A. Farrag

Effect of Inducers on Growth & Xylanase Production by a Thermophilic Bacillus Isolate on Agro-Residues and Characterization of Kinetic Parameters
pp. 347-358
Authors: Uma Gupta and Rita Kar

Microwave Induced Stress Response in Klebsiella Pneumonia

pp. 359-362
Authors: Harmeet Kaur Uppal, 2Soma Chaki, 3Sujoy Dey and 4Harmeet Kaur


b-Glucosidase and Hesperidinase Production in Large-Scale from Aspergillus Niger
pp. 363-368
Authors: R. Selvaraj and Sasikala

Phytochemical Studies on the Seeds of Celastrus paniculata, Willd
pp. 369-374

Authors: H. Gurumurthy, H.S. Ravikumar Patil, V. Krishna, P Suresh Babu and H.K. Makari

Molecular Detection of Food Pathogens from Retailed Fast Food Samples by PCR

pp. 375-387
Authors: Tarak Parekh and Rema Subhash





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