International Journal of Biotechnology & Biochemistry (IJBB)

Volume 6, Number 4 (2010)




Purification and Properties of an Extra Cellular Alkaline Protease Produced By Bacillus Subtilis (MTCC N0-10110)
pp. 489-500
Authors: Ramakrishna D.P.N, Gopi Reddy N and Rajagopal S.V.

Plant Regeneration from Leaf Explant in Sesamum Indicum L. Sesame - Queen of Oil Seeds
pp. 501-512
Authors: Deepa Singh Kushwaha, Zia-Ul_Hasan and Shagufta Khan

Identification and Evaluation of Trypsin Inhibitor in the Seed Extracts of Butea Monosperma (Flame of Forest)
pp. 513-520
Authors: Prabhash K. Pandey and Farrukh Jamal

Effect of Light Quality on Chlorophyll Accumulation and Protein Expression in Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.) Seedlings
pp. 521-536
Authors: Varsha Gupta and Baishnab C. Tripathy

Isolation, Phylogeny and Characterization of New α-amylase Producing Thermophilic Bacillus sp. from the Jazan Region, Saudi Arabia
pp. 537-547
Authors: Saad A. Alamri

Liver Cell Damage Caused Due to Sodium Benzoate Toxicity in Mice
pp. 549-554
Authors: Reshma Sinha and Doris D’Souza

Micropropagation of Pongamia pinnata (L.). Pierre- a Native Indian Biodiesel Tree from Cotyledonary Node
pp. 555-560
Authors: Vineeta Shrivastava and Tarun Kant

Plasmid DNA Transformation in Escherichia Coli: Effect of Heat Shock Temperature, Duration, and Cold Incubation of CaCl2 Treated Cells
pp. 561-568
Authors: Mahipal Singh, Arpita Yadav, Xiaoling Ma and Eugene Amoah

Isolation of Antimicrobial Compound from Sphaeranthus indicus Against Human Pathogens
pp. 569-577
Authors: S. Sangeetha

Cultivation of Fowl Pox Virus in Cell Culture
pp. 579-584
Authors: Usha Tiwari, Priyanka Pal, Swati Sexena, Rajveer and Krishan

Isolation of Lipase Producing Bacteria from Oil Contaminated Soil for the Production of Lipase by Solid State Fermentation using Coconut Oil Cake
pp. 585-594
Authors: Chaturvedi M, Singh M, Chugh M. Rishi and Kumar Rahul

Insilico Analysis of PAC-1 as an Enhancer for Caspase-3 to Promote Apoptosis
pp. 595-600
Authors: Mala S Kumar, Dhanya Purushothaman, K. Varun Gopal, P. Premkumar, Deepa Gopakumar and P.K. Krishnan Namboori

Cytotoxicity and Genotoxicity Potential of Thiocyclam in Root-Tip Cells of Allium cepa
pp. 601-608
Authors: Mohammed A.A. Sarhan 

Kinetics of High Concentrated Phenol Biodegradation by Acinetobacter Baumannii
pp. 609-615
Authors: S.B.C. Prasad, R. Satish Babu, R.Chakrapani and C.S.V. Ramachandra Rao

Residues of 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid in Plant-Tissue Culture Glassware: Their Effects and A Decontamination Protocol
pp. 617-624
Authors: Daniela Dal Bosco, Iraci Sinski, Patrícia S. Ritschel and Vera Quecini

The Intensity of Pollutant Genotoxicity in Lake Uluabat 
pp. 625-631
Authors: Kamel Ahmad Jaber Saleh

Role of SDF -1/CXCR4 Axis in Stem Cell Homing in the Mouse Model of Induced Lung Fibrosis
pp. 633-644
Authors: Mohd. Talaat Abdel Aziz, Hazem Atta, Nagwa Kamal Roshdy, Hanan Hosny Ahmed, Lila Ahmed Rashed, Eman Obaia, Dina Sabry, Amira Ahmed Hassouna, Fatma Mohamed Taha, Hoda Abo Yossef, Yosry Akl, Hany Khatab and Gehan Abo Elftoh

Evidence of Fibrinolytic Protease in the Latex of Synadenium Grantii Hook ‘f’
pp. 645-655
Authors: C.D. Dayanand and N. Krishna Murthy






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