International Journal of Biotechnology & Biochemistry (IJBB)

Volume 6, Number 5 (2010)




Genetic Diversity and DNA Fingerprint Study of Tomato Discerned by SSR Markers
pp. 657-666
Authors: Pritesh Parmar, Vishal P. Oza, Vaishnavi Chauhan, A.D. Patel,K.B. Kathiria and R.B. Subramanian

Temperature and pH Stability of a Novel Cell-Associated Tannase of Serratia ficaria DTC.
pp. 667-673
Authors: Prasanna. D. Belur, Gopal Mugeraya and Nirmala R. Kuppalu

Zinc and Omega-3 Mediates Normalization Of Hepatic and Cerebral Cytochrome P450s In Lindane-Treated Male Rats
pp. 675-684
Authors: Sabah G.El-Banna, Ahmed M. Attia and Mostafa M. Hussein

Modified Plasmid DNA Preparation for Capillary Automated DNA Sequencing
pp. 685-691
Authors: Ning Wu, Kanyand Matand, Wondwessen Kebede and Bizuayehu Kebede

Genetic Relatedness of the Gossypium Species by RAPD Analysis 
pp. 693-700
Authors: Arjit Chaturvedi and T.N. Nag

Studies on Extracellular Enzyme Production in Beauveria Bassiana Isolates
pp. 701-713
Authors: Uzma Mustafa and Gurvinder Kaur

Studies on the Growth of Some Filamentous Fungi in Culture Solutions Containing Hexavalent Chromium
pp. 715-722
Authors: A. Shugaba, A. J. Nok, D. A. Ameh and J. A. Lori

High Frequency Shoot Multiplication and Callus Regeneration of Turmeric
pp. 723-733
Authors: V. Roopadarshini

Study on Phylogenetic Relationship of an Endangered Plant Allium stracheyi using RAPD Method.
pp. 735-742
Authors: Shashi Ranjan, Garima Kishore, Vikash S. Jadon,J.P. Bhatt and Sanjay Gupta

Studies on Production of 3-Hydroxypropionaldehyde from Glucose by a Novel Enterococcus Dispar: Optimization of Medium Components by Statistical Experimental Design
pp. 743-755
Authors: Vanajakshi Jalasutram and Annapurna Jetty

Assessment of Genetic Variation within Mustard (Brassica juncea (L.) Czern & Coss) Germplasm in Sri Lanka using Fluorescent-based Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphic DNA Markers
pp. 757-768
Authors: Shyama R. Weerakoon, O. V. D. S. Jagathpriya Weerasena, P. Kelum D. Peiris and Seneviratnage Somaratne

Effect of Media Composition on L-Glutaminase Production from Lagoon Vibrio sp. SFL-2
pp. 769-782
Authors: P. Jeya Prakash, E. Poorani and P. Anantharaman

Effect of pH, Nitrogen Sources and Salts on the Degradation of Phenol by the Bacterial Consortium Under Saline Conditions
pp. 783-791
Authors: Krishnaswamy Veenagayathri and Namasivayam Vasudevan


The Determination In Vitro Rumen Fungi Growth in Medium Containing Rice Straw Treated with Steam, Exogenous Enzyme and or Naoh by Quantitative Competitive Polymerase Chain Reaction
pp. 793-799
Authors: T. Mohammadabadi and M. Chaji

Isolation of Bacteriophages for MRSA Obtained from Diabetic Foot - A Possible Treatment Option in Infections
pp. 801-809
Authors: C. S. VinodKumar, H. Srinivasa, K.G. Basavarajappa and Nitin Bandekar

Enhanced Production of Laundry Detergent Compatible Bacillus Protease in Aqueous Two-Phase System
pp. 811-817
Authors: Monika Prakash Rai

In Vitro and In Vivo Comparative Study of Primary Metabolites and Antioxidant Activity in Spilanthes Acmella Murr
pp. 819-825
Authors: Babeet S. Tanwer, Ramkishan Choudhary and Rekha Vijayvergia


Isolation and Characterization of Japanese Plum-Flesh Fermentation Fungus from Plum-Grove Soil 
pp. 827-832
Haruka Kurishita, Hitomi Yoshida, Namika Yamaji, Naoko Okumura, Asuka Kirimura, Kazuko Fukuyama, Akira Yoshida,Satoru Matsuda and Hiroshi Ueno




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