International Journal of Biotechnology & Biochemistry (IJBB)

Volume 7, Number 3 (2011)




Phytochemical Studies on Muntingia calabura L.Fruits from Tamil Nadu, India.
pp. 311-320
Authors: Preethi K., Sasikumar J.M. and Chandramohan 


Fsdf algs genes: H2O2 Map their Viability and Validity in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
pp. 321-330
Authors: Amro A. Amara, Mohamed A. Hassan, Ashraf T. Abulhamd and Bakry M. Haroun


Blood Glucose Levels, Total Serum Proteins and Erythrocyte Indices in Three Nigerian Breeds of Cattle
pp. 331-337
Authors: Lasisi Olalekan Taiwo and Isehunwa Grace Olufunmilayo

Use of Palm Kernel Meal as a Substrate for Mannanase Production by Aspergillus wentii and Its Optimized Condition Study During Solid State Fermentation

pp. 341-350
Nisa Sae-Lee

Study of Lipoprotein Level Changes in Dengue Infected Patients in Salem, Tamilnadu, India

pp. 351-361
J. Carolinerose, H. Vijayarani and Palanisamy

Temperature Optimization and Kinetic Analysis for Invertase Production by Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

pp. 363-368
Suresh P. Kamble and Keshav D. Shinde

Comparative Assessment of Some Traditional Fermentation Techniques for the Preparation of Akpu, a Cassava-based Food Product

pp. 369-379
Nwokoro O., Eze I.C., Okpala G.N. and Anya F.

In Vitro Cytotoxic Effects of Muntingia Calabura Linn. Fruits against Human Cancer Cell Lines

pp. 381-386
K. Preethi, J.M. Sasikumar and Chandramohan

Enhancement of Bacteriocin Production by Three Lactic Acid Bacteria in Periodically Re-Alkalized Cultures

pp. 387-396
Zouhaier Ben Belgacem, Amel Rehaiem, Paula Fajardo Bernárdez,
Lorenzo Pastrana Castro and Mohamed Manai

Screening Some Aspergillus Fungi for Cytosine Deaminase Activity 

pp. 397-403
H. Zanna, A.J. Nok, S. Ibrahim and H.M. Inuwa

Production and Characterization of Biodiesel from Jatropha Curcas Seeds

pp. 405-410
Okechukwu R.I., Ogukwe C.E., Okereke J.N. and Njoku M.E.





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