International Journal of Biotechnology & Biochemistry (IJBB)

Volume 7, Number 4 (2011)




Expression of Antagonism by Lactic Acid Bacterium Isolated from Marcha: An Ethnic Fermented Beverage of North-Eastern Himalayas
pp. 411-421
Deeplina Das and Arun Goyal

Biochemical Assessment of Vermicompost
pp. 423-428
Jelin J., Dhanarajan M.S. and Mariappan V.

Production and Characterization of Asparaginase from Bacillus subtilis Strain BNT Isolated from Natto. 
Saovanee Chancharoensin, Sudaporn Luechai and Duangnetre Israngul

Microbial Leaching of Heavy Metal Contaminated Dredged Materials using Modified Starkey Medium
pp. 439-449
Elijah I. Ohimain, Emmanuel N. Ogamba and Lovet T. Kigigha

Study of Heavy Metal and Antibiotic Resistance on a Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Strain Isolated from Soils Contaminated with Coal Tar
pp. 451-456
Abdolrazagh Marzban, Gholamhossein Ebrahimipour, Maryam Karkhane, Sara Mohseni4, Azam Moradi and Hawry Alaee

Selection of Suitable Maintenance Medium for the Mutant Micrococcus glutamicus AB100 as a LGlutamic Acid Producer
pp. 457-462
S. Ganguly and A.K. Banik

Enhanced Biological Activity of Recombinant Human Interferon Alpha Produced in Pichia pastoris using a codon-optimized synthetic cDNA
pp. 463-480
Imen Rabhi and Dahmani M. Fathallah

The Circumstances Favoring the Worker Accidentsin the Metalworking Industry in Kenitra City and in its Area (Morocco)
pp. 481-492
Driss Raougui, Ahmed Ahami, Youssef Aboussaleh, Mohamed Fadli and Adil Sbayi

Proximate, Mineral and Amino Acid Compositions of Irvigna gabonesis and Citrullus colocynthis Used as Soup Thickener in South Easter Nigeria
pp. 493-499
Igwenyi I.O., Eze C.A., Azoro B.N., Offor C.E. and Nwuke C.P.

Effect of Different Fermentation Modes on Butanol Production using Cassava Starch
pp. 501-507
Deng-Feng Yang, Hai-Feng Su and Ri-Bo Huang


Role of Pleurotus ostreatus and Gloeophyllum sepiarium in the Hydrolysis of Some Common Agro- Wastes
Authors:Rabah A.B., Oyeleke S.B., Manga S.B., Hassan L.G.,
Ibrahim A.D. and Shehu K.


Purification and Properties of Membrane Bound Oxalate Oxidase from Leaves of Bougainvillea glabra
Authors:Tulika Dahiya and C.S. Pundir






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