International Journal of Biotechnology & Biochemistry (IJBB)

Volume 7, Number 5 (2011)




Methyl Jasmonate Induced Over-Production of Anthraquinones from Cell Suspension Cultures of Ceratotheca Triloba (Bernh.) Hook.F.
Authors:Leeann Naicker, Viresh Mohanlall and Bharti Odhav


In Vitro Screening of Some Tomato Commercial Cultivars for Salinity Tolerant
Authors:Magdoleen G. Osman, Elsadig A. Elhadi
and Mutasim M. Khalafalla


Body and Udder Measurements and Heritability and their Relationship to the Production of Milk in the Iraqi Buffalo
PP. 553-564
Authors:T.A. Jaayid, M.Y. Yousief, F.H. Hamed and J.M. Owaid


Purification and Characterization of Heat Stable and Detergent Stable Alkaline Proteases from Streptomyces pulveraceus 8374
Authors:D. Jayasree, P.B. Kavi Kishor and M. Lakshmi Narasu


Comparative Content and Antioxidant Nutritional Quality of Some Bioactive Compounds in Commonly Consumed Fresh Fruits in South – Western Nigeria
Authors:C.O. Olaiya and M.A. Bello


Microbial Quality of “Kunun Zaki”: A Nigerian Indigenous Fermented Food Drink
Authors:Okechukwu R.I., Ewelike N.C., Okechi R.N., Duru C.M. and Ezejiofor T.I.N.


Effect of Alcohol Concentration on the Transit Rate of Different Food Materials in the Gastro Intesinal Tract of Wistar Rats
Authors:Anthony E. Ojieh, Patrick C. Aloamak, Simon I. Ovuakporaye,
Ighele E. Awire and Harrison O. Otamere


Effect of “Zobo” (the Aqueous Extract of Hibiscus sabdariffa L petal) on Ethanol–Induced Changes in Plasma Glucose and TAG: HDL- Cholesterol Ratio in Wistar Rats.
Authors:Mordi J.C., Awire I.E. and Awhin P.E.


Thermal Stability of CNSL by TGA and HPTLC
Authors:Sabna Prabha S. and Potty V.P.


Soil Fertility Management in Agroforestry System

pp. 637-644

Authors: P.K. Misra





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