International Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics (IJCAM)



Volume 12  Number 2 (2017)




Exponential Variation of Pressure for the Rotation of Porous Journal Bearing
pp. 167-173
Mohammad Miyan

Variational Iterational method for solving IVGTT glucose-insulin model with two distributed delays
pp. 175-186
K.Krishnan and M.C. Maheswari

Different Inequality and Common Fixed Points in Complex Valued Metric Space
pp. 187-194
Nisha Sharma, Isha and Arti Mishra

Higher order nonlinearity of some cryptographic functions
pp. 195-205
Deep Singh and Amit Paul

Inventory Model with Different Deterioration Rates with Time and Price Dependent Demand under Inflation and Permissible Delay in Payments
pp. 207-223
Shital S. Patel


Partition Dimension of Binary Tree Based Architectures
pp. 225-232
Chris Monica. M and Santhakumar. S

An Accurate Evaluation of Integrals in Convex and Non convex Polygonal Domain by Twelve Node Quadrilateral Finite Element Method
pp. 233-241
K.T.Shivaram, H.R. Jyothi and A.M. Yogitha

(E.A) property and rational contractive maps and common fixed point theorems in G-metric space
pp. 243-253
Nisha Sharma, Kamal Kumar and Rajeev Jha


On Some Composition Formulae for Multidimensional Fractional Integral Operators Associated Aleph  Function and General Class of Polynomial
pp. 255-272
Sanjay Bhatter and Rakesh Kumar Bohra

Deteriorating Items Inventory Model with Different Deterioration Rates for Imperfect Quality Items and Shortages
pp. 273-284

B.T. Naik and Raman Patel

Geometry of MHD Flows Using Some Types of Curvilinear Coordinates
pp. 285-292
Anirban Roy1 & Hari Baskar R

Iterative Method For Approximating a Common Fixed Point of Infinite Family of Strictly Pseudo Contractive Mappings in Real Hilbert Spaces
pp. 293-303
Mollalgn Haile Takele and B. Krishna Reddy

Bounds For The Status connectivity Index of Line Graph
pp. 305-310
H. S. Ramane and A. S. Yalnaik

New Innovative method For Solving Fuzzy Electrical Circuit Analysis
pp. 311-323
B.Srinivas1 and B.Sankara Rao

Unsteady MHD Flow and Heat Transfer Over a Porous Stretching Plate
pp. 325-333
A. K. Jhankal, R. N. Jat and Deepak Kumar

Routing Algorithms for Mobile Ad-Hoc Network
pp. 335-342
Menal Dahiya

Effect of Magnetic Field on Transient Wave in Viscothermoelastic Half Space
pp. 343-364
D.K. Sharma, Inder Parkash, S.S. Dhaliwal, V. Walia and S. Chandel

An EOQ Model with Certain Uncertainties When Payment Periods are Offered
pp. 365-389
Jayjayanti Ray


A New Method of Generating Magic Rectangle
pp. 391-398
K. Mani and M. Viswambari

Convergence of a Third-order family of methods in Banach spaces
pp. 399–410
Gagandeep and R. Sharma

Comparing Accelerated Failure Time Models with Its Specific Distributions in the Analysis of Esophagus Cancer Patients Data
pp. 411-424
Rinku Saikia and Manash Pratim Barman


Different Deterioration Rates Production Inventory Model with Time and Price Dependent Demand Under Inflation and Permissible Delay in Payments
pp. 425-439
Raman Patel

MHD Boundary Layer Flow Past Over a Shrinking Sheet with Heat Transfer And Mass Suction
pp. 441-448
A K Jhankal and Manoj Kumar

Effect of Peclet Number on the Dispersion of a Solute in a Blood flowing in Non-Uniform Tube
pp. 449-456
Syed Waseem Raja, M.V.Ramana Murthy and Mohammed Abdul Rahim

Stability of Jungck-Noor Iteration
pp. 457-467
Anjali Ojha, Anil Rajput and Abha Tenguria

A Study on Course Timetable Scheduling using Graph Coloring Approach
pp. 469-485
Runa Ganguli and Siddhartha Roy

Prey-Predator Model with Infection in Both the Populations
pp. 487-493
Nishant Juneja and Kulbhushan Agnihotri

Fractional Order Nonlinear Prey Predator Interactions
pp. 495-502
A. George Maria Selvam, R. Janagaraj, R. Dhineshbabu and Britto Jacob. S


On Partially Ordered Disemigraphs
pp. 503-509
Mathew Varkey, T.K. and Susan Ray Joseph

Find Critical Eigenvalue in the Rayleigh-Bénard-Brinkman Convection Problem with Boundary Conditions by using Advanced SLM

pp. 511-523

Dr. Ashoka S.B.


Fractional Order Generalized EPQ model
pp. 525-536
Asim Kumar Das and Tapan Kumar Roy


Rough Soft Sets: A novel Approach
pp. 537-543
Dr. Khaja Moinuddin

EOQ Model with Finite Planning Horizon for Deteriorating Items of Exponential Demand under Shortages
pp. 545-555
R.P.Tripathi, ,D.Singh and Surbhi Aneja

Optimal Integrated Inventory Policy for Constantly Deteriorating Units with Random Input
pp. 557-568
Poonam Mishra and Isha Talati

A Study of Morphological Operators on Digital Colour Image
pp. 569-578
Patel Kaushal

MHD Boundary Layer Flow of a Rotating Fluid Past A Vertical Porous Plate
pp. 579-593
P. Gurivi Reddy

New Results on Equienergetic Graphs of Small Order
pp. 595–602
Sophia Shalini G. B. and Mayamma Joseph

Certain Combinatorial Results on Two variable Hybrid Fibonacci Polynomials
pp. 603–613
R. Rangarajan, Honnegowda C.K. and Shashikala P.

An Introdu
ction to p-Soft T -Algebras and their p-Soft w-Subalgebras
pp. 615–629
Nistala V.E.S. Murthy and Chundru Maheswari

A Note on Frames in Banach Spaces
pp. 631–638
Khole Timothy Poumai ,Ghansyam Singh Rathore and Sunayana Bhati





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