International Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics (IJCAM)

Volume 1 Number 1 (2006)




Computational Theory of Magnetic Fusion, with Applications to the ITER Project
pp. 1-7

Authors: Paul R. Garabedian

Anti-Periodic Boundary Value Problems for Impulsive Differential Equations
pp. 9-16

Authors: Y. Q. Chen, Y. J. Cho and L. Wang

An extension of uniformly starlike and convex univalent functions using certain integral operators
pp. 17-23

Authors: Saeid Shams, S. R. Kulkarni, and Jay M. Jahangiri

Acceleration methods for functional sequences
pp. 25-36

Authors: R. Thukral

Note on Global Stability for a Three-Patch Diffusion Predator-Prey Model
pp. 37-49

Authors: Atta A.K. AbuHany and M. Ismail

On stability properties of positive solutions for a class of elliptic systems
pp. 51-56

Authors: G.A. Afrouzi and S.H. Rasouli

Oscillation in a Neuronal Assembly - A Phenomenological Model
pp. 57-64

Authors: V.S. Manoranjan, I. Rajapakse, J.M. Krueger

Energy Flux into Internal Wave Field due to Stratified Flows Over 3D Topography
pp. 65-92

Authors: Ranis Ibragimov


Local properties of factored Fourier series
pp. 93-96

Authors: H.S. Ozarslan





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