International Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics (IJCAM)

Volume 5  Number 2 (2010)



Deploying Domain Keys for Multilevel Access Control using Elliptic curve Cryptography
pp. 113-127
Authors: J. Nafeesa Begum, K. Kumar and V. Sumathy

M/M/1 Queue with Feedback A Continued Fraction Approach 
pp. 129-139
Authors:  V. Thangaraj and S. Vanitha

Necessary Conditions for Local Exponential Observers for Nonlinear Systems
pp. 141-146
Authors:  V. Sundarapandian

Optimization of Investor’s Intertemporal Consumption Strategy in a Continuous-Time Framework
pp. 147-156
Authors:  Chukwuma Raphael Nwozo and Iwebuke Charles Nkeki

One Time Pad Via Lychrel Number and Elliptic Curve 
pp. 157-161
Authors:  Karuna Kamath K. and Shankar B.R.

An EOQ Model for Time Dependent Linearly Deteriorating Items with Shortages
pp. 163-175
Authors:  C. K. Tripathy, U. Mishra and L.M. Pradhan

Study of an Exact Solution of Steady-State Thermoelastic Problem of a Finite Length Hollow Cylinder
pp. 177-187
Authors:  Priyanka B. Gaikwad, Kishor R. Gaikwad and Kirtiwant P. Ghadle

Relation Between Chromatic Number and Graph Folding 
pp. 189-199
Authors:  M. R. Zeen El-Deen

Synchronization of an Optical Hyper-Chaotic System 
pp. 201-208
Authors:  R. Suresh and V. Sundarapandian

An EPQ Model for Linear Deteriorating Item with Variable Holding Cost
pp. 209-215
Authors:  C. K. Tripathy, L.M. Pradhan and U. Mishra

Using Modified Dijkstra’s Algorithm for Critical Path Method in a Project Network
pp. 217-225
Authors:  N. Ravi Shankar and V. Sireesha

Generalized Inverses of k-idempotent Matrix 
pp. 227-231
Authors:  S. Krishnamoorthy and T. Rajagopalan





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