International Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics (IJCAM)

Volume 6  Number 2 (2011)



Unsteady Hydromagnetic Boundary Layer Flow of a Rotating Dusty Fluid
pp. 81-93
Authors: B.J. Gireesha, S. Manjunatha, H.J. Lokesh and C.S. Bagewadi

Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions of First Order Neutral Impulsive Differential Equations with Positive and Negative Coefficients
pp. 95-103
Authors: S. Pandian , G. Purushothaman and Y. Balachandran

Existence Results for Delay Evolution Fractional Fuzzy Integro Differential Equations
pp. 105-122
Authors: K. Karthikeyan and C. Chandran

Deficient Discrete C2 Quintic Spline Interpolation
pp. 123-132
Authors: Y.P. Dubey

A New Approach for Local Outlier Detection using Minimum Spanning Tree based Clustering
pp. 133-148
Authors: S. John Peter and S. Chidambaranathan

Accelerating Convergence of Successive Approximation Method for Non Linear Equations
pp. 149-160
Authors: K.V. Narasimham


Extensions of Some Fixed Point Theorems in Compact Metric Space
Authors:I.H. Nagaraja Rao and G. Venkata Rao

Distribution of the Number of Times M/M/2/N Queueing System with Heterogeneous Servers Reaches its Capacity in Time t under Catastrophic Effects
Authors:N.K. Jain and Dhanesh Garg


Simulation of Two Dimensional Driven Cavity Flow of Low Reynolds Number using Finite Difference Method
Authors:Kaushal Patel


Effects of Rotation on Plane Waves in a Generalized Thermoelastic Solid Half-Space with Diffusion
Authors:Lakhbir Singh, Sunita Deswal and Baljeet Singh





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