International Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics (IJCAM)


Volume 7  Number 4, (2012)




Operational Readiness of a P.S. Redundant System with Three Types of Failure and Waiting Concept

pp. 391-401
Authors: Sanjay Goel, Anand Tyagi and Sachin Kumar


Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Volterra-Fredholm Integral Equation with Applications in Torsion Problems
pp. 403-418
Authors: I. L. El-Kalla and A. M. Al-Bugami


Orthogonalities in Banach Spaces Via Best Approximation
pp. 419-30
Authors: Khalil, R. and Alkhawalda, A.


A study of the Strong Topologies on Finite Dimensional Probabilistic Normed Spaces
pp. 731-448
Authors: L. Li, X.H. Xu, M.X. Zhang, Y.H. Li, Q.K. Liu


Numerical Solution for Fredholm Integral Equation with a Generalized Singular Kernel
pp. 449-463
Authors: M.A.Abdou and A.M.Albugami


Flow of a Non-Newtonian Fluid through Porous Medium with Variable Suction
pp. 465-472
Authors: Narasimha Charyulu.V. and Shiva Shanker K.


On the Law of Large Numbers for Trigonometric Series
pp. 473-477
Author: S. Bagh


Computing Matrix Inverses by Divide-and-Conquer Method with Floating Point Calculations
pp. 479-484
Author: Awni M. Abu-Saman


Strongly Multiplicative Labeling in the Context of Some Graph Operations
pp. 485-495
Authors: M. Muthusamy and T. Venugopal


Almost Sure Convergence of Random Fourier-Stieltjes series
pp. 497-501
Authors: M. Dash, J. Sahoo and S. Pattanayak


Finite Element Model to Study Calcium Diffusion with Excess Buffer Approximation in Fibroblasts Cell
pp. 503-514
Authors: Mansha Kotwani, Neeru Adlakha and M.N. Mehta






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