International Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics (IJCAM)



Volume 8  Number 2, (2013)





Graph Partitioning Algorithm for Reducing Traffic Congestion

pp. 97-100

Authors: Vamsi J. Krishna, Shruthi M Reddy, Shravya Rao Jyothy Swaroop and Kaspar S.

Transient Free and Forced Convection of a Viscous Fluid in Vertical Wavy Channel with Walls Maintained at Oscillatory Temperature and Concentration with Chemical Reaction 

pp. 101-117
Authors: M. Siva Sankara Reddy, Y. Rajasekhar Gowd, M. Sudeendra Kumar and D.R.V. Prasad Rao

On Lorentzion β-kenmotsu Manifold Satisfying Certain Condition on the Concircular Curvature Tensor

pp. 119-123
Authors: Sunil Kumar Srivastav and V.M.K. Prasad Goura

A Non-Iterative Numerical Method for 2-Way Parabolic Equation

pp. 125-137

Author: M. Tadi


A systematic Approach Toward Constructing Novel SolitaryWave Solutions for the Three-Wave-Interaction Equations

pp. 139-153

Authors: Sahar M. Alqaraleh and Adeeb G. Talafha


Bootstrapping the Probability of System Stability 

pp. 155-159

Author: Reza Habibi


Analysis of Transient Behaviour of Batch Arrival Queue with Two Stage of Service and Optional Re-Service

pp. 161-171

Authors: G. Ayyappan and K. Sathiya


Converging Shock Waves in Stellar Atmosphere Under the action of Monochromatic Radiation

pp. 173-182

Authors: G Sudha, Ramu Addepalli and Dipak Kumar Satpathi, J. Sucharitha


Two Stage Heterogeneous Service, Random Breakdowns, Delayed Repairs and Extended Server Vacations with Bernoulli Schedule

pp. 183-201

Authors: G. Ayyappan and K. Sathiya


Modified Avian Influenza Mathematical Model with Standard Incidence and Vaccination Strategy

pp. 203-212

Authors: Dr. V. H. Badshah and Pradeep Porwal





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