International Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics (IJCAM)



Volume 8  Number 3 (2013)




Total Edge Irregularity Strength of Honeycomb Networks

pp. 213-220

Authors: Indra Rajasingh and S. Teresa Arockiamary


Non-Identical Series Redundant System with Weibull Law

pp. 221-224

Authors: M. Ravi Kumar, Y. Ramesh Babu and B. Vijaja Bhaskara Reddy


Continuous Hybrid Block Method for the Solution of General Third Order Initial Value Problems of Ordinary Differential Equations

pp. 225-236

Authors: Adesanya, A. Olaide, Odekunle, M. Remilekun, Fasasi, M. Kolawole


On the Relationships of Some Graph Parameters

pp. 237-250

Authors: Pranab Kalita, Dhrubajit Choudhury and Bichitra Kalita


Analysis of Road Accidents of Southern States in India Using Smeed’s Model
pp. 251-258
Authors: Dr. R. Bhuvana Vijaya

The permanence of a epidemic dynamical system with two time delays and vaccination pluse
pp. 259–265
Authors: Ping’an Qin and Zhongyi Xiang


A Study On Anti (Q, L)-Fuzzy Subhemirings of a Hemiring
pp. 267-274
Authors: N. Selvak Kumaraen and K. Arjunan


Some Properties of ODH Coxeter Polyhedra with Finite Volume

pp. 275-283

Author: Dhrubajit Choudury


Novel Method for Performance Measure of Job Shop Scheduling Algorithm

pp. 285-295

Author: Dr. R. Murugesan


Graceful Labeling of Dragon with Parallel P5 Chords

pp. 297-302

Authors: S. Manikandan and V. Srividya


On Some Properties of K-Transforms

pp. 303-308

Authors: Yashwant Singh and Naseem A. Khan






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