International Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics (IJCAM)



Volume 9  Number 1 (2014)




Powers of Eccentric Digraph of a Graph

pp. 1-8

Authors: Medha Itagi Huilgol and Syed Asif Ulla S


Calderon’s Reproducing Formula for Laguerre Convolution

pp. 9-15

Authors: C.P.Pandey, Rakesh Mohan and Bhairaw Nath Tripathi


On Properties of age-dependent Stretched Exponent
pp. 17-29
Authors: E.S. Lakshminarayanan and C.Selvadeepa


Stochastic Perishable Inventory System in Two-Echelon

pp. 31-40

Authors: S. Kumaresan, K. Krishnan and C. Elango


A Markov Chain Analysis Approach to Model Indian Stock Market Index (NIFTY) Behavior

pp. 41-45

Authors: Suresha G Basappa and Madhavi M R


Extension of λ-statistical Convergence to n-normed Spaces

pp. 47-50

Authors: Mini


Nonsplit domination number of a graph
pp. 51-61
Authors: Y. Therese Sunitha Mary and R. Kala












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