International Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics (IJCAM)



Volume 9  Number 2 (2014)




Transient Analysis of R-L-C Series Circuit to Step voltage by Engineering Methods
pp. 63-70
Author: Anuradha S. Deshpande

An efficient algorithm via the Laplace transform and variational iteration method for solving fractional partial differential equations
pp. 71-87
Authors: Toheeb A. Biala, Pascaline L. Ndukum, Olayiwola Abdulhakeem and Yusuf O. Afolabi

Catalan Tau Collocation for Numerical Solution of 2-Dimentional Partial Differential Equations
pp. 89-99
Authors: M.R.Odekunle, M.O.Egwurube and Simon Stephen

Heat and Mass Transfer over a Vertical Surface with Convective Boundary Conditions in the Presence of Viscous Dissipation and nth Order Chemical Reaction
pp. 101-118
Authors: Imoro R., Arthur E.M. and Seini Y.I.

Identities on m-k-Jacobsthal-Lucas Numbers
pp. 119-122
Author: Banyat Sroysang

On the Product of Almost Regular Spaces
pp. 123-125
Author: Banyat Sroysang

Multi-Attribute Decision Making Problem for Transportation Companies using Entropy Weights-Based Correlation Coefficients and TOPSIS Method under Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Environment

pp. 127-138
Authors: Dalbinder Kaur, Sathi Mukherjee, Kajla Basu

Numerical Solution of Fuzzy Differential Equations by the Runge-KuttaFehlberg Method and the Dependency Problem

pp. 139-149

Authors: K. Kanagarajan, S. Indrakumar, S. Muthukumar


On a-Vertex Consecutive Edge Trimagic Total Labeling of Some Classes of Graphs

pp. 151-156

Authors: M. Regees and C. Jayasekaran


A Note on Approximations with Respect to Ideals in Seminearrings

pp. 157-160

Authors: Venugopala Rao Paruchuri and Potti Nagapandu




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