International Journal of Civil Engineering and Applications (IJCEA)


Volume 6, Number 2  (2016)





The Role of Advertisement In The Society
Authors: Naveen Rai and Arcind Dewangan

Geothechnical Parameters to Quantify the Liquefaction Potential in Seismic Hazard Applications
Authors: Dessalegn Gezahegn and R.D.Shah

A Review of Strength of Concrete and Autogenous Shrinkage with Various Curing Compounds
Authors: K.Sarumathi and A.Siva

Ground shredded rubber tire blennded Fine sand as a back fill of retaining wall
Authors : Vankata Ramasubbarao Godavarthi

A Comparative study of Conventional RC Girder Bridge and Integral Bridge
Authors: Rahul M Deshnur, R.Shreedhar and Spandana B

Georechnical Characterisation of Flyash-Redmud mix stabilised with Cement Kiln Dust
Authors: Sushil Sagar Sharma, Rakesh Kumar Dutta and Raman Parti

Cointegration and ARCH Properties of the Earthquakes in Hualien and Yilan Counties of Taiwan
Authors: Ko-Ming Ni







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