International Journal of Civil Engineering Research (IJCER)


Volume 7, Number 2, (2016) 





Converting Granulated Blast Furnace Slag into Fine Aggregate
pp. 91-103
D. Satish Kumar, Praveen Kumar, Rameshwar Sah, Marutiram Kaza and SMR Prasad

Study of Wind Pressure on Tall Building Due to Change in Relative Position of Interfering Building
pp. 105-115
Ritika Pundhir and Nilesh Barde


Comparative Study on the Production Cost of Geopolymer and Conventional Concretes

pp. 117-124

J.Thaarrini and S.Dhivya


A Review on Various Methods of Road Construction Using Waste Materials

pp. 125-133

Manoj Sharma, Ashutosh S. Trivedi and Rohit Sahu


Development of Regression Equations to Predict C.B.R of Black Cotton Soils of Karnataka, India

pp. 135-152

Srinivasa R.H, Sureka Naagesh and S. Gangadhara






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