International Journal of Chemical Engineering Research


Volume 11, Number 2  (2019) 





Pour Point Depressant of Crude Oil
pp. 81-90
Akanksha Prasad, Prof Kavita Kulkarni, Prof A.D.Kulkarni, Prof. P.L.Chaudhari and Prof. S.C.Bandpatte


Salt effect in Liquid-Liquid Equilibria of Propionic acid -Water-Benzene System
pp. 91-99
A.Suryanarayana, P.Raju, D.P.Rao, P.Lachi and M.Ramadevi

Thickness effects of anti-reflection coating with graded refractive index structure
Zongguo Xia

Effect of Argan Nut Shell Powder on Thermal and Mechanical Behavior of Compressed Earth Blocks
Naveed Ahmed Azam and Ying-Hao Hung

Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and Kalman Filter Algorithms to Predict Output Temperatures on a Heat Exchanger
Yuh-Min Tseng and Sen-Shan Huang

Gas Hydrate-Based Separation as Opportunity To Reduce The Nitrogen Footprint of Fertiliser Plants: A Short Review of Available Thermodynamic Data
Fengjie Sha






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