International Journal of Chemical Engineering Research

Volume 1, Number 2   2009 





Kinetic and Equilibrium Studies for the Biosorption of Cr(VI) from Aqueous Solutions by Potato Peel Waste
pp. 51-62
Authors: Mohammed Abdulsalam Abdullah and A.G. Devi Prasad

Performance Evaluation of a Compost Biofilter Treating Dichloromethane Vapors
pp. 63-76
Authors: R. Ravi, Ligy philip and T. Swaminathan

Biosorption Potential of Potato Peel Waste for the Removal of Nickel from Aqueous Solutions: Equilibrium and Kinetic Studies
pp. 77-87
Authors: A.G. Devi Prasad and Mohammed Abdulsalam Abdullah

Dispersion and Kinetic Studies of Zeolite Catalyzed Toluene Nitration
pp. 89-102
Authors: Inkollu Sreedhar, Kuppireddy Suresh Kumar Reddy and Kondapuram Vijaya Raghavan

Total Cell Retention Culture Fermentation- A Novel Approach in the Production of Recombinant Streptokinase through E.coli
pp. 103-121
Authors: Kirubanandan Shanmugam and Swaminathan Detchanamurthy

Development and Comparison of Cohesion Function Relationship for PR Equation of State
pp. 123-134
Authors: M H Joshipura, S P Dabke and N Subrahmanyam

Electro-winning of Nickel from Spent Nickel Catalyst Leachate with Sulphoric Acid
pp. 135-142
Authors: R. Ghanem, H. Farag, Y. Eltaweel and Mona E. Ossman


Isolation and Characterization Two Novel Indigenous Acidophilic Species Involved Copper Extraction (Bioleaching) from the Aliabad Copper Mine in Iran
pp. 143-154
Authors: Jamshid Raheb, Ali Azimi, Mohammad Hadi Ardabili, Bahram Nasernejad, Mahmood Arabnezhad and Mohammad Javad Hajipour


Drug Release Method by HPLC for Tamsulosin Hydrochloride 0.2% and Tolterodine tartrate 0.2% Combination Pellets
pp. 155159
Authors: M.V. Basaveswara Rao, B.C.K Reddy, T.Srinivas Rao and G. Venkata Rao

Dielectric Properties of Engine Oil and Bone Fatty Oil
pp. 161166
Authors: CH.V. V. Ramana, S. Md. Shoaib and K. Malakondaiah






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