International Journal of Chemical Engineering Research

Volume 3, Number 1 (2011) 




Recovery of Alumina from the Red Mud (Waste) of Aluminium Industry 
pp: 1-6
Authors: Pooja V. Shrivastava, Monisha Mridha and A.B. Soni

Ambient Air Quality Status of Ahmedabad City after Switching Over to CNG as a Fuel for Automobiles
pp: 7-17
Authors: Vaghela Naresh Kumar Ramanbhai, Khyati Modi, B.H. Shah and G.H. Ban

Kinetics Models for Bio-decolorization of Distillery Wastewater by Staphylococcus epidermidis
pp: 19-30
Authors: Satish Babu Rajulapati, S.B.C. Prasad, R. Chakrapani, K.B.K. Rao and C.S.V.R. Rao

Kinetic Modeling and Equilibrium Studies on Biosorption of Reactive Black 5 Dye using Industrial Waste Saccharomyces cerevisiae Biomass
pp. 31-48
Authors: M. Seenuvasan, D. Suresh, S. Selvanaveen, D. Pravin Kumar, M. Anil Kumar and S. Banupriya


Treatment of Dye Waste Water, using Waste to Treat Waste, Utilization of Waste
pp. 49-54
Authors: A.B. Soni, Saurabh Meshram and Pooja V. Shrivastava

Water Purification by Nanotechnology: A Review

pp. 55-70
Authors: Anita Kumari, Aniket Poojary, Ninad Bhagwat and Viraj Nayak

Review of Gas Holdup Characteristics of Bubble Column Reactors
pp. 71-80
Authors: Santosh Walke and Vivek Sathe




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