International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR)



Volume 12, Number 2   (2016)




Protein-Protein Interaction Network Using Decoupled Software Pipelining
pp. 95-102
Narendra Chaudhari and Anjali Mahajan

Video Object Description of Short Videos in Hindi Text Language
pp. 103-116
Vandana D. Edke and Ramesh M. Kagalkar

Random Forest v/s Scaled Conjugate Gradient To Predict Diabetes Mellitus
pp. 117-123
Neha Shukla and Dr. Meena Arora


Neural Network Based Sliding Mode Control for Uncertain Discrete-Time Nonlinear Systems with Time-varying Delay

pp. 125-138

Vishal Goyal, Vinay Kumar Deolia and Tripti Nath Sharma


Comparative Study of Classifiers for Diagnosis of Microaneurysm

pp. 139-148

Priyanka Powar1 and Prof. C.R. Jadhav


Post-Processing for Glyph-Based Offline Handwritten Telugu Characters Recognition System
pp. 149-157
Ch. N. Manisha, E. Sreenivasa Reddy and Y.K. Sundara Krishna


Smartphoto: An Approach for Low-Quality Image Sensing and Feature Matching with Smartphones
pp. 159-162

Simple Web Browsing Through Generated Facets
pp. 163-167
Vaishakhi V K and Neethu T Regi

A Novel Automatic Approach For Extraction and Classification of Noun Phrase Collocations
pp. 169-186
C.Gnana chithra and E.Ramaraj

Protection of Authentication Code Embedded with in the Message/Image Documents along with Facor Mechanism
pp. 187-191
Jithika.M and Rijin. I.K

Secure Reversible Data Hiding Image Transformation Using Cloud Storage
pp. 193-196
Amrutha O.C and Rabina P


A Secure Graphical Password Authentication System
pp. 197-201
Sreya Prakash and Sreelakshmy M K

Secure Deduplication in Cloud Computing
pp. 203-207
Shruthi P. and Indulekha K

Mining Top K High Utility Itemsets and Frequent Patterns in one Phase
pp. 209-214


Ensuring Trust Worthiness of Images on Vehicular Cloud

pp. 215-218

Shibina T. and Lijina S.S.


A Novel Approach for Satellite Image Processing and Fire Detection using Real Time Big Data Analytical Architecture
pp. 219-222
Krishnapriya. C and Swathi Chandra T. R


Forward Secure Event Oriented Attribute based Anonymous Access Control for Cloud Computing
pp. 223-226
Meera Chandran and Nithya V.P


Education Data Mining: An Overview
pp. 227-237
Balwinder Kaur




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