International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR)




Volume 13, Number 10   (2017)




Steganography for Secure Data Transmission

pp. 2289-2295

Niveditha Shetty


Feedback based Root-Cause Identification Model with User Profiler for Effective Content Correlation

pp. 2297-2308

S.P. Victor and S. Charles Britto


Classification of EEG Signals using various Dimensionality Reduction Techniques

pp. 2309-2331

Anshul Garg and Rachna Jain


Statistics of Mobile - Data Usage from September 2016 to June 2017 in India

pp. 2333-2340

Shyam Mohan J S


Brain Tumor Detection from Human Brain Magnetic Resonance Images using Image Mining Technique
pp. 2341-2355
Siji T. Mathew and Nachamai M.

Alternative Approaches for Deduplication in Cloud Storage Environment
pp. 2357-2363
M. Tanooj Kumar and M. Babu Reddy

A Probabilistic Approach to Detect Cervical Cancer using Protein Sequence
pp. 2365-2377
Jiji. N and T Mahalakshmi


A Critical Study on Cluster Analysis Methods to Extract Liver Disease Patterns in Indian Liver Patient Data

pp. 2379-2390

K.Swapna and M.S. Prasad Babu


A Novel Method to Smart City’s Water Management System With Sensor Devices and Arduino

pp. 2391-2406

R. Priya and G.P.Rameshkumar


A Novel Technique on Class Imbalance Big Data using Analogous over Sampling Approach

pp. 2407-2417

Mohammad Imran, Vaddi Srinivasa Rao, Amarasimha T and Syed Zeeshan Quadri


IoT based Health Monitoring using Fuzzy logic

pp. 2419-2429

Vani K S and Rajesh Rayappa Neeralagi


Computational Intelligence Based Sports Success Prediction System Using Functional Pattern Growth Tree – A Case Study

pp. 2431-2438

M Sudha


An Improvised Ibkem Approach Using Multiple Key Distributed For Health Care Application

pp. 2439-2447

Dr. V Nagaveni, Thrupthi V.


Speech/Music Classification using MFCC and KNN

pp. 2449-2452

R. Thiruvengatanadhan


Study on finding the Cartesian Coordinate of a Rendered Pixel with an Orthographic Projection
pp. 2453-2459
Renu Saini and Dr. Ashutosh Sharma


An Analysis of Congestion Control Algorithms and Structured Wireless Network
pp. 2461-2470
V. Umesh

Optimal Performance of Multicasting in Mobile AD HOC Network in Synchronization of Distributed Systems
pp. 2471-2478





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