International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR)



Volume 13, Number 7   (2017)




Detection of Tumor using wavelets and Neural Network

pp. 1563-1571
Naira Firdous and Yojna Chandel

Economic Load Dispatch-Unit Commitment Using Genetic Algorithm
pp. 1573-1583
Mir Khadim Aalam and D.K.SAprameya

Opinion Spam Detection, Tools and Techniques : A Review
pp. 1585-1591
Hema Dewangan and Om Prakash Dewangan

A Prototype of Automated Child Monitoring System
pp. 1593-1603
S. Sundar, Rohan Ghosh and Harris Shahil

Performance comparison of DSR and AODV Routing Protocol in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
pp. 1605-1616
Vivek Soi and B.S. Dhaliwal

Scalability in Internet of Things: Features, Techniques and Research Challenges
pp. 1617-1627
Anisha Gupta, Rivana Christie and R. Manjula

A Study on the Dominator Chromatic Number and Its Related Parameters of a Family of Circulant Graphs
pp. 1629-1644
L.Jethruth Emelda Mary and K. Ameenal Bibi

NOSQL Database and Its Comparison with RDBMS
pp. 1645-1651
A. B. Raut

Document Weighted Approach for Authorship Attribution
pp. 1653-1661
P. Jeevan Kumar, G. Srikanth Reddy and T. Raghunadha Reddy

Design of an Accurate High Speed Carry Select Adder Using Encoder
pp. 1663-1668
Shaik Shakeelabi, P.G.Punitha and R Sambasiva Nayak

The New clustering approach using Extreme Learning Machine with k-Medoids Techniques
pp. 1669-1678
Gopinathan.S, Pandiyan.M and Thangavel.P

Expansion of Round Key Generations in Advanced Encryption Standard for Secure Communication
pp. 1679-1698
Awadhesh Kumar and R.R. Tewari

Essam.H system for Face Recognition
pp. 1699-1708
Essam haider Mageed, Professor Hind Rustum Mohmmed Shaban and Asaad Norri Hashim

Sequential Rule Mining, Methods and Techniques: A Review
pp. 1709-1715
Amanjeet Kour

A Study of Crossover Operators for Genetic Algorithms to Solve VRP and its Variants and New Sinusoidal Motion Crossover Operator
pp. 1717-1733
Varun Kumar SG and R. Panneerselvam

Students Performance Prediction Using Decision Tree Technique
pp. 1735-1741
Anjali B Raut and Ankita A Nichat

DHHP: A Hybrid Technique for Protecting Mobile Adhoc Networks from Selective Packet Drop Attack
pp. 1743-1763
Opinder Singh, Jatinder Singh and Ravinder Singh

Extracting Structural Data For Business Intelligence Using Cluster Data Mining
pp. 1765-1775
Stibu Stephen and R.ManickaChezian

Variational Mode Decomposition and Multiple Feature Segmentation on Microarray Images
pp. 1777-1787
G.Sai Chaitanya Kumar, R.KiranKumar and G.Apparao Naidu


Monitoring “Early Congestion Detection Technique” Using Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

pp. 1789-1797

Anjali B Raut and Jaicky R. Sancheti


A Survey on Truth Discovery Methods for Big Data

pp. 1799-1810

P. Bastin Thiyagaraj and A. Aloysius


Classification Using ANN: A Review

pp. 1811-1820

Rajni Bala and Dharmender Kumar


Plant Disease Classification Using Image Segmentation and SVM Techniques

pp. 1821-1828

K. Elangovan and S. Nalini




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