International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR)



Volume 13, Number 8   (2017)




Comparison of Single Model and Multi-Model Assembly Line Balancing Solutions
pp. 1829-1850
P.Sivasankaran and P.Shahabudeen

Study & Analysis the BER & SNR in the result of modulation mechanism of QR code
pp. 1851-1857
Panpatte Arvind K, H.S.Fadewar, Shivpuje Prakash R., Sainath Munde and Maroti Munde

Forensics Analysis On Smart Phones Using Mobile Forensics Tools
pp. 1859-1869
G Maria Jones and S Godfrey Winster

Privilege Based Advance Halftone Secure Secret Sharing Scheme with Error Diffusion Technique Along with Adaptive Secure Confidential Key in the Visual Cryptography
pp. 1871-1906
I. Diana Judith

SharePoint Analyzer Tool – A Windows Desktop Application Using Data Extraction and Exportation
pp. 1907-1916
Sharad Narayan Sharma and Senthil Kumar R

Provable Secure Identity Based Key Agrement Protoco With Perfect Forward Secrecy
pp. 1917–1930
Shaheena Khatoon and Tejeshwari Thakur

Feasibility Study of Intelligent System towards Modern Maintenance of Thermal Power Plant
pp. 1935-1944
Subodh Panda, N.K. Barpanda, P.S. Ratha and R.P. Singh

Data Mining in Supermarket: A Survey
pp. 1945-1951
Daljeet Kaur and Jagroop Kaur

Fuzzy Logic based MRAS Speed Estimator with Rotor Resistance Adaptation Mechanism for Induction Motor Drive
pp. 1953-1962
Nirupam Ray, Mohit Madan, Bhavnesh Kumar and S K Jha

A Novel Approach for Intrusion Detection System Using feature Selection algorithm
pp. 1963-1976
Ananda Kumar K S, Arpitha K, Latha M N and Sahana M

A Research Article on Efficient Next –Node Selection Algorithm for WBAN by Using Fuzzy Logic
pp. 1977-1990
Manish Saini and Gitanjali Pandove

Optimization of Business Intelligence using Data Digitalization and Various Data Mining Techniques
pp. 1991-1997
Deepti Sindhu and Anupma Sangwan

Micro Array Gene Expression Classification Using Support Vector Machine Ensembles
pp. 1999-2004
C.Kanimozhi and A.Valarmathi

Meta Search Engine with Semantic Analysis and Query Processing
pp. 2005-2013
Naresh Kumar and Praveer Singh


New Algebraic Decoding of (17,9,5) Quadratic Residue Code by using Inverse Free Berlekamp-Massey Algorithm (IFBM)
pp. 2015–2027
Renuka Sahu, B.P. Tripathi and S.K. Bhatt

Visual Speech Recognition Based on Lip Movement for Indian Languages
pp. 2029-2041
Amaresh P Kandagal and V. Udayashankara

Power Quality Disturbance Detection and Classification using Artificial Neural Network based Wavelet
pp. 2043-2064
Amol Bhagat, Kiran Dongre, Sagar Nimkar and Sadique Ali

A comparative study of versions of JavaScript
pp. 2065-2073
Preeti Yadav and Bhupender Singh

Developing a Secure Mode for Hybrid Distribution of University Course Learning Materials
pp. 2075-2093
Rajesh Bose and Debabrata Sarddar

Big data mining using supervised machine learning approaches for Hadoop with Weka distribution
pp. 2095-2111
Anuja Jain, Varsha Sharma and Vivek Sharma

Implementation of Arduino based Enhanced Fingerprint Biometric System for Secured Data Exchange
pp. 2113-2123
R.Gayathri, E.Roshith, B.S. Roshini, Snehaa Murugan and Sakthi Priya

NoSQL Products: IT Giants Perspectives
pp. 2125-2133
Shagufta Praveen and Umesh Chandra


Classification Algorithms on Datamining: A Study


N. Chandra Sekhar Reddy, K. Sai Prasad and A. Mounika


A Review on Classification of Diabetes using Fuzzy Logic and Optimization Technique

pp. 2143-2150

Nikita Sahu, Toran Verma, G Thippa Reddy


A Survey for Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing

pp. 2151-2159

Navjit Kaur and Rachhpal Singh


An Innovative Approach for Cross Functionalities Information Services – A connecting technology

pp. 2161-2174

K L Jawaria and Sourabh Taletia





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