International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR)



Volume 9, Number 2   (2013)




An Unsupervised Hybrid GA Approach for Identifying Brain Pathological Tissue in MRI Images

pp. 63-78

Authors: Anu S Nair and B. M. Imran


A Review of Modern HCI Challenges for Betterment of Differently Abled People

pp. 79-88

Authors: Papri Ghosh, Tejbanta Singh Chingtham, Mrinal Kanti Ghose and Ritam Dutta 


Lexical Chain based Approach of Term Weight Estimation in Information Retrieval

pp. 89-99

Authors: Jagendra Singh and Dr Aditi Sharan


Model Parameter Estimation Procedure for a Class of Dynamic Systems using Firefly Algorithm

pp. 101-114

Authors: V. Rajinikanth, K. Latha, and N. Sri Madhava Raja


Artificial Neural Network based Classification of IC through Extracting the Feature Set of IC Images using 2-Dimensional Discrete Wavelet Transform

pp. 115-119

Authors: Kushal Kumar, Anamika Yadav and Himanshi Rani


Comparision and Application of Evolutionary Approaches for Optimization of FMS Scheduling

pp. 121-132

Authors: Mr. A.V.S.Sreedhar Kumar, Dr.V.Veeranna and Dr.B.Durgaprasad


Disclosure Prevention in Privacy-Preserving Data Publishing

pp. 133-140

Author: I.Jeyalakshmi





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