International Journal of Dynamics of Fluids (IJDF)


Volume 14 Number 1 (2018)





Influence Factors of Ultrasonic Pressure in Ultrasonic Air Lift Reactor
Jinlin Ji, Lixin Tang and Guangmiao Qu

Effects Of Vanishing Moments Of Wavelets In Image Compression Algorithms
Yonghong Xie

Implementation of Sidelobe Cancellation In Multiple Jammer Environments
Yonghong Xie

A Survey On Test Case Generation From UML State Chart Diagrams

Dezheng Zhang

A novel technique to extract image from diverse hand gestures of Google glass by enhancing Gabor filter for variety of platforms
Dezheng Zhang

Intelligent Transport Planning System Using GIS
Xiong Luo

A Survey of QOS Aware Mac Protocol For Wireless Sensor Network
Xiong Luo

Ameliorating the image matching algorithm of Sikuli using Artificial Neural Networks
Chunmiao Li, Chunmiao Li and Yao Zhang

Repeated Extraction Process of Raw Gambiers (Uncaria gambier Robx.) for the Catechin Production as an Antioxidant
Sidra Faisal

Improved Security Architectures For Wireless Mesh Networks Using Merkle Tree Handshaking
Khurram Shahzad






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