International Journal of Dynamics of Fluids (IJDF)


Volume 14 Number 2 (2018)






A new synthetic method of Gallium dodecyl sulfate (Ga (DS) 3)

pp. 97-108

Lixin Tang, Jinlin Ji. and Quangmiao Qu


Study on the Hydrodynamic Performance of Modified Packing Tower

pp. 109-116

Jinlin Ji, Lixin Tang and Quangmiao Qu


Current Monitoringinstrumentation System For Detecting Airgap Eccentricity In Mine Winder Motor

Shihong Zou


Design and Application for Stitching Images from Blackbox with Multiple Lenses

Yanhong Xu


Experimental Study of Thermal Comfort in Arid Zones (South West of Algeria)

Honggang Wang


Experimental Investigation for the Design of Epoxy Bonding in Joints of Carbon Fibre Laminates

Zhouzhou Li


Reliability Based Design Optimization of BGA Electronic Packages using the Kriging Substitution Model

Shanzhi Chen






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