International Journal of Dynamics of Fluids (IJDF)


Volume 16 Number 1 (2020)





Effect of Gravity Variation with Conducting Permeable Boundaries
pp. 1-13
Tiebekabe Pagdame


Jeffrey Fluid Performance on MHD Convective Flow Past a Semi-Infinite Vertically Inclined Permeable Moving Plate in Presence of Heat and Mass Transfer: a Finite Difference Technique
Tianliang Lu, Pan Yang, Xiaolin Gui and Jian An

Noisy Quantum Mixed State Pattern Classification Based On The Grover's Search Algorithm
Feng Tian and Lichen Zhang

Numerical Investigation of the Different Spray Combustion Models under Diesel Condition
Lichen Zhang

Design and manufacturing of a plasma torch for deposition of α-alumina nanolayer by atmospheric plasma spray
Yingshu Li

Growth and Characterization of Organic Nonlinear Optical (NLO) 1, 3-dinitrobenzene single crystals by vertical Bridgman method and its prospects as electro-optic modulators
Wei Gong, Liang Wang and Liang Wang





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