International Journal of Dynamics of Fluids (IJDF)


Volume 3  Number 2 December (2007)




Mobility of a viscous Newtonian drop in shear Newtonian Flow
pp. 109-132

Authors: Mauricio Giraldo, Henry Power and Whady F. Florez

The Identification of a Vortex in the Draft-Tube Cone of a Model Francis Turbine
pp. 133-152

Authors: Sašo Vučković, Brane Širok, Dragica Jošt and Tom Bajcar 


Effect of Bluffbody and Circular Disc Combination on Unconfined Non-Reacting Swirling Circular Jet
pp. 153-174

Authors: R. Senthil and N.V. Mahalakshmi


Unsteady magneto-fluid-dynamics fluid and heat flow
pp. 175-186

Authors: M.R. Mohyuddin, K. Fakhar and Ali Farooq


Two Dimensional Simulation Of Steady Blood Flow Through A Stenosed Coronary Artery
pp. 187-209

Authors: D.K. Mandal and S. Chakrabarti


Calculation of Turbulence Intensities and Shear Stresses on Concave Surfaces by Extending the Low Reynolds Turbulence Model for Curved walls
pp. 211-234

Authors: A.B. Khoshnevis and Saeed Hariri




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