International Journal of Dynamics of Fluids (IJDF)


Volume 4  Number 2 December (2008)




Flow Characteristics Behind Single Diamond-Shaped Cylinders in Free Stream
pp. 83-92

Authors: Shuichi Torii, Wen-Jei Yang and Shinzaburo Umeda

Numerical Analysis of Fluid Flow in A Duct Around Perpendicular Cylinder with Triangle Cross Section Obstacle
pp. 93-107

Authors: M. Gorji-Bandpy, S. Soleimani and B. Jafari

Variational Iteration Method to Investigate The Initial Stage of Fuel Spray Penetration
pp. 109-119

Authors: Vahid Ebrahimian, D.D. Ganji and M.Esmaeipour

Numerical Analysis of Heat Transfer and Friction Factor in A Circular Tube with Al2O3 Nanofluid
pp. 121-129

Authors: L. Syam Sundar and K.V. Sharma

Numerical Simulation of Film Cooling In A Hypersonic Re-Entry Module Using Ausm+-Up Based Finite Volume Flow Solver
pp. 131-144

Authors: Praveen Nair, T. Jayachandran, M. Deepu, B. P. Puranik and U.V. Bhandarkar

Heat Transfer in The Flow of A Non-Newtonian Second-Order Fluid Between two Enclosed Counter Torsionally Oscillating DISC
pp. 145-157

Authors: K. R. Singh, V.K. Agrawal and Amit Singh

The Effect of Fluctuation Flow on the EPPLER 435 and S8035 Airfoils
pp. 159-174

Authors: Mofid Gorji, Bahram Jafari and Gholamreza Javadi

Design, Numerical Simulation and Experimental Investigations on Can-Annular Type Combustion Chamber for 20 kW Gas Turbine Engine
pp. 175-189

Authors: Digvijay Kulshreshtha, S. A. Channiwala, Kamlesh Chaudhari and Saurabh Dikshit




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