International Journal of Dynamics of Fluids (IJDF)


Volume 5  Number 1 (2009)




Experimental Investigation on a Centrifugal Compressor by means of Squealer Tips Based on exit Flow Measurements

pp. 1-14
Authors: S. Senthil and N. Krishna Mohan

Analysis of Flow Through The Exhaust Manifold of a Multi Cylinder Petrol Engine for Improved Volumetric Efficiency

pp. 15-26
Authors: P. Gopal, T. Senthil Kumar and B. Kumaragurubaran

A Comparative study of Pitot Tube Measurements And CFD Results for Supersonic Nozzles employed for gas atomization of Liquid Metals

pp. 27-45
Authors: P. Sanjaya, N. S. Maheshb and S. Kishore Kumarc

Heat Transfer in The Flow of a Non-Newtonian Second-Order Fluid Between Two Enclosed Counter Torsionally Oscillating Discs with Uniform Suction and Injection in The Persence of Magnetic Field

pp. 47-60
Authors: K. R. Singh and V.K. Agarwal

Velocity Profiles and Wall Shear Stress in Turbulent Transient Pipe Flow

pp. 61-83
Authors: H. Zidouh

Energy Loss in Electronic Plasma

pp. 85-91

Authors: Saeed Mohammadi





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