International Journal of Dynamics of Fluids (IJDF)


Volume 5  Number 2 (2009)




Interaction of Inviscid Vortices Having Orthogonal Orientations
pp. 93-117
Authors: Shaligram Tiwari, Gautam Biswas and Mihir Sen

Oscillating Flow in a Circular Pipe with Adverse Pressure Gradient
pp. 119-127
Authors: Angail A. Samaan

An Experimental Investigation on Influence of the Shape of the Nozzle for Flow Field and Heat Transfer Characteristics between Electronic Equipment Surface and Confined Impinging Air Jet
pp. 129-138
Authors: M. Anwarullah, V. Vasudeva Rao and K.V. Sharma

Heat Transfer Characteristics and Particle Behavior Around a Horizontal Heating Surface Immersed in a Sound Assisted Fluidized Bed of Fine Powders
pp. 139-144
Authors: U.S. Wankhede

Detection and Elimination of Duplicate Data Using Token-Based Method for a Data Warehouse: A Clustering Based Approach
pp. 145-164
Authors: J. Jebamalar Tamilselvi and V. Saravanan

Variations of Spray Cone Angle and Penetration Length of Pressure Swirl Atomizer Designed For Micro Gas Turbine Engine
pp. 165-172
Authors: Digvijay B. Kulshreshtha, Saurabh B. Dikshit and S. A. Channiwala

Estimation of Dispersion Coefficient by using Mathematical Model of Upputeru River at Estuary
pp. 173-178
Authors: G. Venkata Rao and P. Malleswara Rao

Peristaltic Pumping of a Particulate Suspension under Long Wavelength Approximation
pp. 179-198
Authors: Amit Medhavi and U. K. Singh

Integration of Material Design and Product Design - A CFD Based Approach
pp. 199-212
Authors: K. Soorya Prakash, S.S. Mohamed Nazirudeen, M. Joseph Malvinraj and T. Manohar




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