International Journal of Electronic and Communication Research (IJECR)


Volume 3 Number 2   (2012)


Design of Microstrip Antenna with Rectangular Slots
pp. 51-58
Authors: M.Venkata Narayana, I. Govardhani, A.Vikranth, Sd. Khaja Nizamuddin, Ch. Venkatesh, K. Rajkamal, M.S.R.S. Tejaswi N. AnilBabu and B. Sidhartda

Digital Watermarking using Biometric Iris Code
pp. 59-64
Author: G. Tangkeshwari Devi

64 Bit Domino Logic Adder with 180nm CMOS Technology
pp. 65-72
Authors: M.B. Damle and Dr. S.S. Limaye

FPGA Implementation of Canonical Signed Digit Multiplier
pp. 73-78
Authors: N. Ganga Krishnamohan Reddy, Gude. Kiran Kumar and S. Arun

Fractional Filters
pp. 79-82
Authors: D. Venkata Ramana, Ch. Babjiprasad, D. Suresh and D.Y.V. Prasad






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