International Journal of Electronic and Communication Research (IJECR)


Volume 9 Number 2 (2018)





24-Hour Prediction of Solar Irradiance for a Photovoltaic Microgrid Using Neural Networks
Authors : Thiem Do-Dac, Hung-Cheng Chang, Bo-Jun Qiu, Jyh-Cheng Chen and Tze-Jie Tan

Fire Hazard Map by Combining Landsat Data Classification and Topography Map of Pekan Study Area

Authors : Ping-Fan Ho and Chen-Hao Chiu

Evaluation of Sparsification algorithm and Its Application in Speaker Recognition System

Authors : Bao-Shuh Paul Lin

Dependent Reliability of Distributed Cloud Computing Network (DCCN)

Authors : Checco and C. Lancia

Dynamic Programming Method for Best Piecewise Linear Approximation for Vector Field of Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems on the Interval [0, 1]
Authors : D. J. Leith and Shi Lin






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