International Journal of Electronics Engineering Research (IJEER)




Volume 10, Number 1 (2018)






Innovative Groundwater Monitoring Technology Using Frequency Based Data Logger

pp. 1-8

Pankaj Prajapati, Alok Mishra and P.K.Dwivedi


Fast Parallel Integer Adder in Binary Representation

pp. 9-18

Duggirala Meher Krishna and Duggirala Ravi


Technology of Efficient Recovering of Highly Concentrated Methane and Mechanical Impurities from Ventilation and Degasification Emissions from Coal Mines
Sajjad Ali

Mass Transfer of Semiconductors at Low Flow Argon Ion Beam Sputtering

Muhammad Golam Kibria

The decoding of LUT FPGA configuration of the finite state machine with Quartus II

Muhammad Aslam Jarwar and Hoon Ki Lee

Increasing the Accuracy of Autonomous Satellite Coordinate Determination of the Objects of Transport Infrastructure

Ilyoung Chong, Jaesung Park, Lei Wang, Lei Wang and Can Li

Bayesian Inference to Structural Changes In Ar (1) Model With Autocorrelated Error

Yanbin Zhang

Development and Experimental Research of Materials for Forming Stable Bottom and Side Ledges

Guan Gui






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