International Journal of Electronics Engineering Research (IJEER)




Volume 12, Number 2 (2020)






Design and Development of Cartesian Robot for Machining with Error Compensation and Chatter Reduction
Tomoko Ogawa-Morita

An Experimental Study on the Characteristics of Electrical Power Generation Using a-Si Thin-Film PV Module in Self-Shading Buildings
Yoshiyuki Sano

Theoretical Study of Some Thermal Properties of Group-III Nitrides
Tomoka Okano

Speed Variation in Savonius Rotors with Respect to Overlap
Hirofumi Fujii

Construction of Third Order Slope Rotatable Designs Using Balanced Incomplete Block Designs
Makoto Tahara

Optimizing the coefficients of Multiple Regression Linear Model for classification of different attribute detasets using Genetic Algorithm (GA)
Masakazu Yamaguchi

Effect of Operating Parameters on the Performance of Thermocouples
Hironobu Minami

Automation of Overlay Process
Liping Wu

Automatic Grain Counting in Metal Structure Using Image Morphology and Skeleton by Zone of Influence
Liping Wu

Compositional Study of Indian Five Rupee Coin by EDXRF Technique
Yue Liu

Analysis of Spatial Variation of Groundwater Depths Using Geostatistical Modeling
Rong Huang

An Optimal Flooding Algorithm for Mane
Weiqun Shu






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