International Journal of Electronics Engineering Research


Volume 1, Number 4 (2009)




Optical Sensor Based Instrument for Correlative Analysis of Human ECG and Breathing Signal
pp. 287-298
Authors: M. Sundararajan

Genetic Algorithm Based Decentralized Controller for Load- Frequency Control of Interconnected Power Systems with RFB Considering TCPS in the Tie-Line
pp. 299-312
Authors: I.A. Chidambaram and B. Paramasivam

Performance Analysis of Edge Detection Methods on Hexagonal Sampling Grid
pp. 313-328
Authors: P. Vidya, S. Veni and K.A. Narayanankutty

Histogram Characterizations of Infrared Images Captured By a Modified Digital Camera
pp. 329-336
Authors: S. Ratna Sulistiyanti, F.X. Arinto Setyawan and Adhi Susanto

Minimum Normalized Transmit Rate Based Fair Scheduling Algorithm in Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM)
pp. 337-344
Authors: Sangeeta Monga and Sukhdev Singh

Converting Resolver Interface to Incremental Encoder Interface
pp. 345-348
Authors: Ilpakurty Ravi and K. Nagabhushan Raju


Understanding the Effects of Scaling in case of a High Speed and Low resolution ADC through Simulation
pp. 349356
Authors: Baljit Singh and Parveen Kumar

Effects of Overdrive, Frequency, Sample and Error in Code Transition levels on Computation of ENOB of an A/D Converter
pp. 357365
Authors: R. S. Gamad and D. K. Mishra




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