International Journal of Electronics Engineering Research


Volume 2, Number 1 (2010)




Improved Suitable Domain Search for Fractal Image Encoding
pp. 1-8
Authors: Vijayshri Chaurasia and Ajay Somkuwar

New Design Technique of 6-Bit Flash A/D Converter
pp. 9-14
Authors: R.S. Gamad and C.B. Kushwah

Techniques to Reduce the Back Lobe of Microstrip Slot Antenna
pp. 15-22
Authors: Zarreen Aijaz and S.C. Shrivastava

MoM Analysis of Narrow Wall Round End Slot Coupler
pp. 23-28
Authors: A. Jhansi Rani and P.V. D. Somasekhar Rao

Design of a CMOS Comparator for Low Power and High Speed
pp. 29-34
Authors: S. Kale and R.S. Gamad

Parallel Processing of Bloom Filter
pp. 35-40
Authors: Deepti Chaudhary


Source Coding of Facscimile Digital Data using Multiples of Code Lengths of Golden Sequence Terms
pp. 41-49
Authors: V. Chandra Sekhar, Y. Venkatarami Reddy and G. Sravan Kumar

Performance Analysis of LCL-T Resonant Converter with Fuzzy / PID Controller Using State Space Analysis
pp. 51-70
Authors: C. Nagarajan and M. Madheswaran

Low Power and High Speed CMOS Comparator Design Using 0.18m Technology
pp. 71-77
Authors: Meena Panchore and R. S. Gamad

Growth and Characterization of Sodium Penta Borate Single Crystals: an Inorganic NLO Material
pp. 79-85
Authors: G. Pasupathi and P. Philominathan

Intelligent PI Controller for Speed Control of D.C. Motor
pp. 87-100
Authors: Brijesh Singh, Surya Prakash, Ajay Shekhar Pandey and S.K. Sinha

Ants Pheromone for Quality of Service Provisioning In Mobile Adhoc Networks
pp. 101-109
Authors: Rajeshwar Singh, D K Singh and Lalan Kumar

Pressure Measurement and CAN Bus Implementation for Data Transmission
pp. 111-118
Authors: Milind S. Patil, Ameer C. Shaikh, Shailendra S. Bidkar and R.R. Mudholkar

Design & Analysis of Microwave Maximally Flat Planar Filters
pp. 119-124
Authors: R.N. Baral and P.K. Singhal

Magnetic and Transport Properties of Cobalt Ferrite 
pp. 125-134
Authors: A.M. Bhavikatti, Subhash Kulkarni and Arunkumar. Lagashetty

Performance Analysis of DWDM-CDD-MC-CDMA System with Space Time Coding
pp. 135-144
Authors: Shikha Nema, Aditya Goel and R.P. Sing





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