International Journal of Electronics Engineering Research


Volume 2, Number 2 (2010)



Image Processing: Filteration, Gray Slicing, Enhancement, Quantization,Edge Detection and Blurring of Images in Matlab
pp. 145-151
Authors: N. B. Bahadure

Estimation of EM Power Absorption in a Prolate Spheroidal Man Model Simulated Results & Mathematical Model
pp. 153-157
Authors: N. Srinivasa Rao, G.R. Babu, L. Pratap Reddy and L.N. Merugu

Gain Boosted Telescopic OTA with 110db Gain and 1.8GHz. UGF 
pp. 159-166
Authors: D. Nageshwarrao, S. Venkata Chalam and V. Malleswara Rao

Multimedia Receiver over Power Line 
pp. 167-170
Authors: S. M. Alex Raj and G. Sreelatha

Wavelet Adaptive Backstepping Control for a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems with Delayed States and Input
pp. 171-178
Authors: A. Kulkarni and M. Sharma

Analysis of Resistor Accuracies of Non-obtuse Finite Element Model Using the Smoothness-Constrained Regularisation in Electrical Impedance Tomography
pp. 179-187
Authors: M. Komarudin

Model Reference Adaptive PI Control 
pp. 189-199
Authors: R. Prakash and R. Anita

Aspect Ratio is Controlling Factor of Feed Reactance of Rectangular Microstrip Antenna with Variable Aspect ratio: Theory and Experiments
pp. 201-205
Authors: Chitesh Chandan, Sudipta Chattopadhyay and Partha Goswami

Efficient Motion Vector Recovery Algorithm for H.264 Using Hyperbolic Multiquadric Surface Interpolation
pp. 207-218
Authors: Anu Arora, K. Malathi and Kavish Seth

An Open-loop Stepper Motor Controller Based on CPLD 
pp. 219-228
Authors: Zoonubiya Ali and R.V Kshirsagar

Beam Squint Analysis of Offset Microstrip Reflectarray and Feed 
pp. 229-236
Namrata V.L., Ved Vyas Dwivedi and Y.P. Kosta

Discrete Wavelet Features Extraction for Iris Recognition Based Bio Metric Security
pp. 237-241
Authors: P. Manikandan and M. Sundararajan

Performance Analysis of Web Application using Microsoft .Net Technology 
pp. 243-251
Authors: M. Kalita and T. Bezboruah

Analysis of Parameters of SquareRoot Raised Cosine Pulse shaping Digital FIR Filter for WCDMA at 5MHz
pp. 253-260
Authors: A. S. Kang and Vishal Sharma




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