International Journal of Electronics Engineering Research


Volume 2, Number 3 (2010)



Results of Signal Attenuation Measurements for Ku Band Frequencies using Earth-Space Communication Link
pp. 261268
Authors: A. Sreenivas, K.V.V.S. Reddy and T.V. Ramana

An Analytical Model for the Slewing Behavior of Three-Stage CMOS Operational Amplifiers
pp. 269279
Authors:  Uday Bhanu Singh Chandrawat and D.K. Mishra

A Design Technique Based on Pole-zero Placements for Fast Settling, Low Power Operational Amplifier
pp. 281294
Authors:  Uday Bhanu Singh Chandrawat and D.K. Mishra

High Speed with Low Power Consumption CMOS Comparator Design using 0.09 μm Technology
pp. 295301
Authors:  S.N. Singh, J. Kumar, Vinay Kumar and Ratnesh

Application of Signal Processing to Investigate the Total Active 8B Solar Neutrino Flux Signal from Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO)
pp. 303324
Authors:  K. Mofazzal Hossain, Dipendra N. Ghosh, Koushik Ghosh and Tapas Saha

Implementation of 1:8 Broadband System using Distributed Sources and WDM-PON Technology
pp. 325332
Authors:  R.A. Pagare, V.U. Deshmukh and P.S.Hajare

Controller Area Network Implementation of Distributed Multinodal Greenhouse for Microclimate Control
pp. 333340
Authors:  A. C. Shaikh, M. S. Patil, S. S. Bidkar and R.R. Mudholkar

A Planar Multiband Antenna with Enhanced Bandwidth and Reduced Size
pp. 341347
Authors: Navdeep Singh, Sarabjeet Singh, Amit Kumar and R.K. Sarin

Mobile Controlled Robot using DTMF Technology for Industrial Application
pp. 349355
Authors:  D. Manojkumar, P. Mathankumar, E. Saranya and S. Pavithradevi

A Fuzzy Logic Model for Harmonic Reduction in Three Phase Shunt Active Filter
pp. 357364
Authors:  Moinuddin K Syed and BV Sanker Ram

Comparative Analysis of CMOS RF Receiver Front End for Ultra-Wide-Band Applications
pp. 365375
Authors:  Rajesh Khatri and D.K. Mishra

Independent Speaker Recognition for Native English Vowels
pp. 377381
Authors:  G.N. Kodandaramaiah, M.N. Giriprasad and M. Mukunda Rao

High Speed Arithmatic Logical Unit using Quaternary Signed Digit Number System
pp. 383391
Authors:  Reena Rani, Upasana Agrawal, Neelam Sharma and Laxmi Kant Singh

Slotted Right Angle Triangular Microstrip Patch Antenna
pp. 393398
Authors:  Yogesh Bhomia, Ashok Kajla and Dinesh Yadav


Studies on Effect of Spreading Resistance in Design of Variable Heat Flux with Identical Heat Sink
pp. 399-408
Authors: P. Rajendran, M. Uma Ravindra and CVH Prasad

Knowledge Based Automatic Segmentation of Hippocampus in Wave Atom Preprocessed MRI
pp. 409-418
Authors: J. Rajeesh, R.S Moni, S. Palanikumar and T. Gopalakrishnan

Design, Development, Analysis and Control of an Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Linear Oscillating Motor suitable for short strokes using Finite Element Method
pp. 419-428
Authors: Govindaraj Thangavel

Primary Side Resonant Reset in Forward Converter with High Power Factor 
pp. 429-434
Authors: Sunil Kumar

Design of LCL Resonant Converter for Electrolyser 
pp. 435-444
Authors: P. Chandrasekhar and S. Rama Reddy




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